Fares CaesarsFares Karam
فارس كرم نجم الغناء الشهير اللبنانية

Fares Karam is a famous Lebanese singing star who specializes in the Dabke style and Lebanese music in general, but with his own modernized twist. Karam is from Jezzine, southern Lebanon. Fares Karam quickly gained the public's attention and was prospected as one of the best up and coming stars not only in Lebanon but within the entire the Arab world and Mediterranean region. His father was a farmer and his mother worked as a teacher in the local school for their village. He has one sister who is the lovely Lebanese singer Madonna. He is very popular in upscale Lebanese clubs where patrons like to dance the Dabke which is a special folk dance often performed at weddings and other joyous celebratory occasions. Dabke is a beloved folkloric LINE dance usually performed by males in the Middle East including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt. Fares Karam has produced many hit singles around the Middle East and around the world such as El-Tanoura, (the Skirt), Shefta and Neswanji. He has participated in a large number of concerts, festivals, public celebrations, and events Internationally. Fares Karam has in a very short time achieved very big success. Fares Karam will also be shooting a new video clip for the song 'Wa3adni' with Arabic director Walid Nasif. Fares Karam has won many prestigious music awards in his artistic career. His works are distinct from contemporary Arab-speaking artists' and very popular in Lebanon and around the Middle East.

Soraya ثريا نجم رقص شرقي
Soraya, Internationally renowned belly dancing star is is not just your "typical" belly dancer she has achieved global stardom for her art. She will be opening the concert for Fares Karam. Her luminous and unique career includes traversing the globe in wonderful events that are unseen in her genre in the US. Some of her many notable accomplishments include being personally invited to Casablanca, Morocco to perform in a rare Gala at the Palace of his Majesty King Hassan and the Royal Family. She has developed a large worldwide following and often gets tapped to perform for some of California's A-list celebrities as well as having performed in beautiful shows throughout FL, Chicago, IL, New England, Washington D.C., NY, Europe and beyond. Soraya enjoys performing in large casino concerts, fancy weddings, corporate Arabian nights theme parties, and owns a successful entertainment agency emphasizing sophisticated cultural productions for carefully selected clients. She completed a tour of India's five star hotels starring in her own show: "Soraya's Night at the Casbah". She holds a BA degree in cultural Anthropology (emphasizing Middle Eastern studies and Egyptology). Soraya has created her own dynamic and personalized niche for this dance form to highly elevate the image of belly dancing in the mainstream without altering authentic choreographic technique or Westernizing the true style. She is known to keep her art form highly professional, stylish, family oriented, and upscale with a contemporary edge while never compromising her own creative or artistic vision.

DORIS FARHAT المطرب اللبناني دوريس فرحات
Doris Farhat will also be opening the concert for Fares Karam at Caesars Casino in Atlantic City. Doris is a beautiful, wonderful and gifted singer with a proud heritage from Beirut, Lebanon and lives in Chicago, IL. She loves to entertain crowds throughout the world. Her voice is unique, gorgeous, passionate and powerful. Her smile lights up every room and she has her own special way to make large crowds smile right along with her and enjoy every moment of the night. This lovely Lebanese songstress will also be opening the concert.

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